Go To Ground News Contracts Stormhold Digital

Go To Ground News (G2G) today announced that it had contracted with Stormhold Digital to establish its digital presence.

The startup media company contacted Stormhold Digital to aid in the creation of an online platform that would accurately showcase their mission of conflict and war reporting in America. G2G had a vision for the site and the stories it would tell, but needed a means to get its message out in a consumable and scalable way.

For G2G, whose focus lies in promoting and sharing video content quickly and easily through multiple different social media platforms, Stormhold would need to create the brand identity as well as a fully responsive website whose front end would help grow the audience and spread the message.

Stormhold’s Production Director, Tyler Bisset, explained, “We set out to map the technology infrastructure in a way that would anticipate different types of spikes in traffic. Instead of using a regular hosting provider, we recognized a need for an enterprise infrastructure capable of handling unlimited traffic.”

Stormhold created a cloud-hosted website and digital experience that scales seamlessly and performs perfectly on all major browsers. The responsive design of the site is consistent across devices, and the company branding is bold and easily recognizable. Social media integrations (Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube) are a unique and vital part of the success of the burgeoning media company.

Don Sikorski, CEO of Go To Ground, raved about Stormhold saying, “The team at Stormhold really delivered! I was looking for a site that would promote the content that we’ve developed over many years, and with the same level of care and craftsmanship that we put into our videos. I’ve worked with many creative teams over the years, and these folks are absolutely at the top of their game. I have no hesitation recommending their firm for a great digital experience.”

The result is a beautiful – and powerful – website that reveals, through compelling videos and narratives, the nature of the conflict-driven events occurring in America, and the world, today.

About Go To Ground News


Go To Ground (G2G) is a news aggregator, content incubator, and media company that focuses on reporting breaking news and vital, conflict-driven stories as they unfold. G2G incorporates 5 to 8 minute segments of daily editorials and opinion pieces that are developed by G2G staff under the theme of War Reporting in America. Targeting millennial viewers, the stories of G2G are told by journalists, videographers, activists, and hyper-media investigators who uncover breaking news and cultivate sources and whistle blowers in their local communities. G2G offers a platform that competes with Vice, Huffington Post, and other content entities geared toward the ever-changing palate of the millennial viewer. Visit GoToGround.

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