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Project Description

Project Brief

When we started working with Shoreline Child & Family Psychology (SCFP), it was a new small business that had yet to develop its brand identity.  Creating a brand, value proposition, and a website that services clients best are just a few of the challenges that new business owners face. The website that was needed for SCFP had to provide information about the doctors and their services, with the ultimate goal to have visitors reach out to book an appointment for their child or family.

It was Stormhold Digital’s job to create a website that, not only was easy to use for SCFP’s clients to use, but also easy to maintain, expand and edit going further.

Design Samples


There were two main focuses that had to get done in order to build up SCFP’s brand and identity. The first high-level piece was to design the logo. We had used a crowd sourcing tool to review around 80 different designs. After selecting a logo and color palette, the second high-level piece was the website itself. We designed a website using Squarespace, as it is an affordable option and also has an easy interface that made for training the users of the website easier. The users are now able to update content and ultimately manage the website themselves.

Capabilities Employed

Needs Assessments
Digital Strategy
Digital Brand Identity Standards
UI/UX Design
Responsive Website & Mobile App Development
Content Management Systems
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Strong Brand

Shoreline Child & Family Psychology was a new brand that didn’t have an identity. When Stormhold Digital was brought in to create the website, it was the perfect starting place to developing a brand. After reviewing 80 different designs, we decided on the perfect logo and color palette that would work best with the vision our client had.

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Excellent Results

Stormhold’s website design has allowed SCFP to launch their new business and service offerings. We created their logo and website which is essential to any brand, and made the website on an affordable platform that is easy to use for those that are managing it.