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Project Description

Project Brief

Stormhold Digital was hired by FWSIM (Fairfield-Westchester Society for Information Management) to update their WordPress website. Not only did it need a significant redesign, they were also concerned about security due to the lack of updates. In order to provide a better experience to their members and prospective members, Stormhold Digital was asked to revamp their website and design a site that is mobile friendly.


While FWSIM knew that they needed a new, updated website, specifics to what they wanted done wasn’t yet clear.

With just a few scheduled brainstorming sessions with FWSIM’s VP of Marketing and his team, Stormhold Digital was able to come up with some functional requirements for the project.

We came up with a data migration strategy, designed new themes, and implemented new functionality throughout the website.

Capabilities Employed

Needs Assessments
Digital Strategy
Information Architecture
User Interface / User Experience Design
Responsive Website & Mobile App Design
Responsive Website & Mobile App Developement
Content Management Systems
Content Strategy and Implementation
Search Engine Optimization

Beautiful Design

FWSIM now has an entirely different and updated look, yet it doesn’t deviate from their chapter brand standards.

The entire site is easily updated by Stormhold or FWSIM employees and is continuously refreshed with new content.

Navigating the site on a desktop or a smart phone is now easy and enjoyable.




Excellent Results

The website debuted to rave reviews from members at FWSIM.

Administrators now have an easier time editing content throughout the site and the added registration and calendar functionality have become extremely useful.

FWSIM members have also noted that the website design renders very well on their mobile devices.  FWSIM now has a website that is user and mobile-friendly.