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    Project Description

    Project Brief

    A North American Wine and Spirits Distributor is planning a new series of mobile survey tools for employees and distributors of their portfolio called Execution Excellence. Stormhold Digital was tasked with creating the first app in this series “The Big Game”.  The Big Game app is built for internal use only. It’s a simple and user-friendly app for their field employees to quickly and conveniently document in-store displays created for the airing of a commercial during the big game on February 4, 2018.

    Stormhold’s main focus was usability, user adoption, and security. In addition to the app, Stormhold built a back end administrative interface to manage submitted surveys, stores, users, FAQs, and white listed domains.


    In order to create an app that the distributor and their employees find satisfactory, we had to work with our team to turn the requirements needed for the app into functional mockups. Once the mockups were functional, we fine-tuned them to reach the ultimate functionality and usability. Stormhold chose Xamarin platform to develop the mobile apps for both iOS and Android. Zamarin was chosen due to it’s ability to speed up development time and allow for the development to happen for iOS and Android synchronously. We then released the first version to the both the Apple Store and Google Play store and got first time approval.  Since it’s approval, we have continued to make enhancements and published those updates to both stores.

    Capabilities Employed

    Digital Planning
    Mobile App Development

    Key Features of The App

    • Location-based services that automatically find nearest retailers
    • A universal search of stores
    • One-click filtering for completed surveys
    • Entering store surveys on the spot
    • Ability to upload photos along with the surveys
    • The ability to add new stores
    • Pre-loaded display goals that will assist field employees
    • Scoreboard of total cases surveyed, for bragging rights
    • Supporting web portal for field sales for review
    • Secured Access

    Excellent Results

    In the weeks since rolling out this app, there are more than 600 users using it daily with tens of thousands of surveys submitted already. The App replaces the traditional paper-to-excel method. The feedback from the app has been very positive and field employees are much more efficient.