Project Description

Project Brief

Viridian Energy, a member of the Crius Energy family of brands, wanted to give customers an easy way to register online to take advantage of electricity and natural gas supply alternatives with greater confidence and ease.

The goal was to build a modern, responsive website that would enable users to register quickly and easily using any device from desktop computers to mobile phones.

Design Samples


The Stormhold Team was brought in to evaluate the existing systems and architecture, and to propose a new Content Management System (CMS) that would reduce maintenance costs, resolve critical issues and create a new state-of-the art customer experience.

Telerik Sitefinity was chosen as the platform for the solution. Stormhold provided user experience and user interface guidance following current best practices and Viridian Energy’s established color and font themes. The team designed and developed the enrollment site along with templates that are easy to deploy and edit for business users. Custom widgets were built using responsive design methodologies and optimized for mobile devices to accept enrollments. Usability, ease of use and a fluid registration experience were all in focus for the guided registration process design.

Specific brand rules (such as notifications prior to enrollment initiation, waiting a certain amount of days prior to action, making sure that a brand can consume a new client, third party verification such as credit checks etc.) needed to be considered for the registration screens. Customer communications (such as notifications, welcome kits, terms and conditions acceptance, etc.), also known as fulfillment, were also governed by the enrollment process and the user interface also reflects those requirements.

Capabilities Employed

Information Architecture
UI/UX Design & Testing
Responsive Website & Mobile App Design
Responsive Website & Mobile App Development
Content Management Systems
Search Engine Optimization & Marketing

Strong Brand

Viridian is now able to register new customers efficiently to change electricity and natural gas suppliers. Visitors registering on the site have a near equal experience no matter the device they are on and are able to enroll and manage their accounts.

Stormhold streamlined the entire process of content publishing and analytics tracking; Crius can now develop new enrollment websites and update their existing websites faster and much easier for all devices – no matter what screen size or orientation. This allowed Crius’ stakeholders to limit time spent working with developers, slash time-to-market and to provide its new customers with a complete online registration process.

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Excellent Results

By creating custom templates, widgets and a new website launch process to reduce the go-to-market time and effort, business users now have the capability to modify specific areas of a website, such as regulatory terms and brand marketing content without IT involvement, streamlining collaboration across multiple stakeholder groups.